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epic-body-cream-big-1“Amouage is a traveling brand that embraces other cultures. The woman who wears Amouage dares to be different. In short, she is adventurous. “

—Christopher Chong, Creative Director of Amouage

Many of us are on an ongoing quest to find our signature scent. Once found, it can define you. It acts as a sense of familiarity to those around you, it serves to lift your mood, and it can conjure up memories to treasure.

The most common problem with a beloved scent is longevity. As haute perfumers tinker with their much-loved formulas to create even more intense versions, all we ask as the wearer is that our fragrance stays true for longer. As the Oman-based house of Amouage understands, the way to ensure your scent has true staying power is by layering it. Enter the Amouage Bath line.

Start your daily cleansing ritual with the Epic Woman Soap or Shower Gel. Then nourish your limbs with the corresponding Epic Woman Body Lotion or Body Cream—if you are feeling indulgent. Top it off with a measure of hand cream before the final step: a spritz of Epic Woman Perfume. With such strong fragrance foundations, you will be enveloped in a haze of your chosen scent for hours, topping up with the clutch bag friendly Travel Spray as you see fit.

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