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How To Find the Perfect Foundation


For all the amount of time we’ve spent dithering at the beauty counter over two shades of foundation, we could have written the first chapter of our memoirs. Well, not quite. But seriously, finding a foundation that exactly matches your skin tone is like winning the beauty lottery. Sephora has finally invented the beauty machine that I’ve been dreaming about: the Color Profile. To begin, a handheld colorimeter device diagnoses your skin’s exact pantone shade. Once it announces the code, it then searches Sephora’s database to inform you of the foundation, brands, and shades that are your perfect match.

My very own Color Profile session was nothing short of triumphant. With my color code reported as 4Y07, out of hundreds of possible outcomes, the machine presented to me just one star match (which I was told is very rare as most skin tones have several foundations to choose from)—the Sisley Skinleÿa Anti-Ageing Lift Foundation in 30 Beige.

The Color Profile machine will be at work across the Sephora stores in the UAE come November and I urge each and every one of you to give this a try. What woman on Earth wouldn’t spare ten seconds to find the perfect match of foundation—a true, life-long partner?

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