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Amouage: A Life Filled with Fragrance


Here in the Middle East, we’re not frightened of bathing ourselves in perfume. The heady scents of oud and frankincense accompany our daily lives, whether it’s visits to the mosque, malls, or the souk. The application of scent is itself an art, and for many it is considered the pinnacle of the daily beauty ritual—and for good reason.

Omani-based perfume house Amouage, thriving under Creative Director Christopher Chong, echoes our obsession with perfume. However, if you’ve spent a small fortune on a signature Amouage fragrance, it would be nothing short of a crime to destroy its scent by dulling it with a rival moisturizer or shower gel. So once you’ve made the all-important decision of deciding which scent suits you best, you can start to layer it with help from the shower gel, body lotion, or body cream for a truly indulgent post shower skin treat. For the most hardcore among us, considering going all the way until you have the entire bath line complete with hand cream and candles for an added wall of fragrance—it will turn your home into a beauty haven.

Our resident perfume critic, Luca Turin, gave a 5-star rating to the Amouage Fate Woman perfume, a rating he does not frequently dole out. Ever since, fans have been waiting with baited breath for the release of the Fate Woman Bath and Home line.

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