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Oud Opulence

“A perfume which lasts is carrying the direction of the future.” –Michel Roudnitska

The Trick

In traditional Arabic perfumery, Oud has long been regarded as a precious material; its highest quality varieties can fetch higher prices than gold. Roberto Cavalli taps into the bold opulence of this raw scent in “Oud Edition”, the new, couture version of his signature fragrance.

“Oud was the obvious choice,” says Louise Turner, perfumer at Givaudan, who tailored both the scents. “Roberto Cavalli’s style is all about luxury, rich textures, and high-quality materials. It is for people who are not afraid to be noticed. It is also what the scent of Oud is about.”

Obvious notes of saffron and incense conjure up classic images of the Middle East. Rather than a straightforward rendition, the smooth suede leather facet blended with vanilla and amber that Turner chose for emphasis give it a contemporary, unfamiliar touch.

And if that hasn’t sold it to Cavalli’s Middle Eastern clientele already, then the gold bottle nestled in the velvet lined coffret certainly will.

The Tip

Coco Chanel once said that a woman should only apply perfume where she would like to be kissed. Whilst this is a lovely thought, a few other pointers could be useful to consider, too. Apply your fragrance on the pulse points such as the inside of the wrists, the base of the neck, and behind the earlobes. Here, the blood vessels are closest to the skin and so emanate heat, which helps to emit the scent from your skin to the air and to those around you.

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