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5 Healthy Tonics to a Slim Spring Body


Have you heard the saying, “What you eat in private, you wear in public?” Well, it is true.

What we choose to fuel our bodies with has a direct effect on our physical appearance. If there’s too much sugar in your diet, what do you get? Dark circles and tired skin. As the A-listers ditch their Starbucks for cold-pressed juices, we quiz the chefs behind the organic foodie hangout Comptoir 102 in Dubai to find out what juices we can add to our diet to help us shed any excess weight and look more beautiful.

Here are the Comptoir 102’s top five recipes.

Energy Kick
The Blend: carrot, fennel, ginger

Carrot provides a boost of energy without spiking sugar levels, while the vitamin A content helps to flush out toxins from your liver. It both cleanses the colon and aids digestion.
Fennel has strong antioxidant activity and helps reduce cholesterol levels. It also helps control blood pressure with its healthy potassium content. Ginger is anti-inflammatory, helps reduce bloating, and is also a great source of energy.

Purification Juice
The Blend: beetroot, apple

Beetroot helps purify the blood and reduces blood pressure levels. It is a superfood known for its fuchsia color, which comes courtesy of the belatin content that improves the digestive system and enhances the metabolic rate. The antioxidant found in apples, known as quercetin, helps boost the immune system and the additional vitamin C in this fruit has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Youthful Green
The Blend: spinach, romaine, cucumber, apple

Spinach is loaded with vitamins, such as A, C, E, and K, and plays a huge role in skincare. Bursting full of antioxidants, it is an anti-aging powerhouse, which means it destroys free radicals that cause aging. Romaine is another great component in this juice as it is full of vitamins E and C that help the skin look healthier.

Slim Juice
The Blend: watermelon, rose water

With high levels of lycopene (the phytonutrient that gives this fruit its red color), watermelon is great for cardiovascular health and is an ideal fruit to aid weight loss. It contains high levels of vitamin C and citrulline, an amino acid that helps prevent the storage of excess body fat. Rose water, as we all know, has beautifying properties when used as a toner for your skin. It also has a beauty benefit when you drink it cold; it’s full of antioxidants, flavonoids, and essential vitamins, such A, C, D, E, and B3.

Skin Glow
The Blend: pomegranate, cucumber, apple

While cucumber helps flush out harmful toxins from the body, pomegranate gets to work on clearing up your skin with its antioxidant properties. The ellagic acid in the pomegranate helps the skin retain moisture, which in turn keeps your skin glowing.

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