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Nuxe and the Lightweight Hydration Station


 You can find Nuxe (pronounced like “nooxe”) at every French pharmacy in every chichi neighborhood in Paris. The brand name is a combination of the words “nature” and “luxe,” combined to create Nuxe. Founder, Aliza Jabès, first set out on a mission to harness the powers of plants and approximately 80% of the brand’s ingredients were sourced from nature, yet this botanical brand doesn’t come in ugly eco packaging. Expect slick white tubs and tubes set alongside a myriad of glass vials and bottles, while the formula will offer therapeutic benefits for your skin.

Nuxe is known for its Huile Prodigieuse (a multipurpose dry oil in golden liquid form), which now has its very own perfume. However, one of its best selling products remains the Crème Fraîche ® de Beauté skincare line, while the stand out product for our climates is the Crème Fraîche ® de Beauté Light. Lighter than the original formulas, this emulsion delivers a steady stream of hydration to the skin without leaving behind any residue or grease.

The brand describes this collection as a “botanical milkshake” and with the eight plant milks and aloe vera on hydration duty, plus white almond and orange flower to soothe sensitive skin, we’d tend to agree. The unique selling point has to be the addition of rice powder to the formula. Its mission is to absorb any excess sebum to keep even combination skins in peak condition no matter the humidity level.

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