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Nicola Peltz’s Secret to Heat-Free Waves


In comparison with the rest of the fashion flock, I feel like the only person not on holiday and soaking in the remaining rays of summer. I will, however, be taking beauty pointers from Nicola Peltz, whether I’m on a boat or not. In her latest post on Instagram, the breakout star demonstrates her technique for creating curling-iron-free waves by dividing her hair into medium-sized sections and braiding, forgoing the elastic (and subsequently the kinks). I plan to adapt this trick to my urban lifestyle by liberally misting my strands with salt spritz to mimic the sea spray I might receive on a yacht, then plaiting and allowing my hair to air-dry on the way to work. A steamy subway ride and a quick finger-comb should replicate Peltz’s finished look quite nicely—though I plan to save the Panama hat for an actual island getaway.

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