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Why Moisturizing Lipstick With Mango Oil Will Keep Your Pout Plump

new-moisturizing-lipstick-clarins-joli-rouge December marks the beginning of winter and while we’re more than happy to say goodbye to the scorching heat and humidity (at least for a few months), we’re not looking forward to dry, dehydrated skin and chapped lips that often come with the season along with the cooler weather.

So what is a girl to do when she wants to sport a vampy lip color but without the cracked lips? We usually recommend exfoliating your pout with a lip scrub prior to applying color but now, there is a new class of lipsticks—pigmented hues enriched with moisture—on the market that allows you to instantly add color to your lips while simultaneously helping to keep them smooth and plump.

Clarins has introduced its revamped Joli Rouge Lipstick (US $27; AED/SAR 99) that is infused with mango oil and marsh samphire to prevent cracked lips. The multi-tasking product provides up to six hours of moisture and an intense shot of color, leaving your pout noticeably softer. The gilded tubes come in 16 different shades, ranging from deep burgundy to peach pantones.

Keep in mind however that these moisture-rich formulas provide a satin-sheer finish, which calls for multiple touch-ups throughout the day.

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