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Would You Ever Mismatch Your Eyeshadow?


Photo: Richard Burbridge

“Asymmetric is always good for beauty,” said Guido Palau backstage at Dior’s Fall ’15 show. The mane master crafted two iterations of the off-center pony over the course of the season—one high (Prada) and the other long and low-slung (Dior). And it appears the same rule applies to nails (as seen in mismatched manicures on the Dior runway). “We started off with how they are going to hold their handbags,” explained makeup maestro Peter Philips of the dual-toned tips. “We said, ‘Oh, that color would be good with that handbag,’ so we started playing around with it and we had the model with two different nail [colors] and it looked cool.”


Photo: Richard Burbridge

In a recent shoot for Le Monde with Lindsey Wixson, Philips further explored this idea of asymmetric beauty—this time applying it to cosmetics. With the help of Dior 5 Couleurs Designer palette in Nude Pink Design (Wixson’s left eye) and Contraste Horizon (Wixson’s right eye), the face painter created two drastically different lid looks that together produced one very dramatic result. Makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench crafted a contrasting liner look on a more mature facade for the same publication. And Venus Chow sported brows in both robin’s egg blue and yellow for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s latest campaign. If we learned anything from the Dior tribal earring phenomenon, it’s that being a bit off-kilter can help you strike the perfect balance.

—Amber Kallor,

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