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How This Iraqi Makeup Artist’s Hi Impact Brows Line is Changing the Beauty Game

opener-interview-dee-abdulla-hi-impact-brows-arch-angelzIraqi-born makeup artist and entrepreneur Dee Abdulla has been at the forefront of the U.K’s beauty industry for almost a decade, revolutionizing the way women satisfy their essential beauty needs with the success of her drop-in beauty bars and the recent launch of her Hi Impact Brows palette.

Shortly after graduating with a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications, Abdulla obtained a diploma in cosmetics to become a professional makeup artist. In 2008, Abdulla had a vision to merge her two passions (makeup and commerce) and conceived the idea of the first drop-in beauty bar in the U.K. Today, with over 50 locations, Arch Angelz is the largest drop-in salon in the U.K., and has plans to expand to the UAE, where Abdallah currently resides with her husband and son.

In an interview with’s Khaoula Ghanem, the beauty entrepreneur discusses how Arch Angelz came to be, the inspiration behind her newly launched Hi Impact Brows palette, and offers tips to up-and-coming makeup artists.

How did your vision for Arch Angelz come about?
I hate committing to appointments. I want to walk into a salon and get the essential beauty treatments without the hassle of getting time off work, parking my car, and sitting in a waiting room. I approached Debenhams in the U.K. in 2007 and pitched the idea of opening a drop-in beauty bar where women could get essential beauty treatments—eyebrows , lashes , facial hair, tinting, nails  and a blow dry—without having to schedule an appointment or wait. Seven months after I proposed the idea, I was given three months to launch two stores.

Speaking of launches, you debuted your first product, The Hi Impact Brows Palette, recently. Why did you choose brows?
I never expected brows to be so important with my [British] clients. They have very fair and sparse eyebrows and they want thick, Middle Eastern brows. It was hard to give them the aesthetic they were looking for with the usual threading and shaping tools, so we developed a product that would help create brows that suit them.

What sets your eyebrow palette apart from all of the other shaping and filling tools on the market?
The palette uses custom color match technology, meaning that the powders are made in a way that you can mix the colors up to countless shades of brown to match your specific hair or skin tone. Additionally, our palette is multi-functional. It comprises a mix of colors that can be used for contouring , a smoky eye, and eyeliner, too. Our customer is a busy woman with a career, and carrying one multipurpose palette is more efficient than toting a makeup bag full of different cosmetics.

Do you have some tips for aspiring makeup artists and beauty entrepreneurs?
What you learn on social media is never going to be [as valuable] as what you learn at a beauty school. Hygiene and safety are often overlooked on YouTube and Instagram tutorials—and they can make a huge difference.

Also, be humble, go to trade shows and beauty shows, experiment with different things, and put who you are into your work. Dedicate time and real energy into doing things properly and to the best of your ability. If you’re a makeup artist, give people free makeovers if it helps to get your name out there. The greatest challenge is always getting your name out—but there are a lot of women who want to get their makeup done—so there’s always business to go around.

Hi Impact Brows Palette is sold at Sephora and Arch Angelz and retails at 130AED.


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