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These Patches are the Remedy to Dry Lips

Photo: Instagram/@jessicaalba

Photo: Instagram/@jessicaalba

With dropping temperature comes an array of seasonal beauty woes not limited to dry, brittle tresses and a flaking complexion. As you slather on moisturizers and hydrating hair masks, your lips often go unnoticed and bear the brunt of Mother Nature. Factor in the current affinity to matte lipsticks and you will soon find yourself indebted to lip balms.

The latest iteration of moisturizing masks are lip-shaped patches designed to soothe, smooth, and hydrate chapped lips. Similar to a sheet or eye mask, the lip patches are easy to use and are packed with moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and vitamin E.

To use, lay the pout-shaped sheet out on your lips, and enjoy some quiet time for several minutes (no talking). Then, peel the patch off and allow the residual serum to absorb into your lips for a plumper pout that will stay hydrated for up to twelve hours.

The Patchology FlashPatch Lip Gels (US $50; AED/SAR 184) come packaged in a jar (that contains 25 gels) and are formulated with green tea extracts to soothe and hydrate lips after five minutes. The quick fix for the lips also promises to diminish fine lines around the mouth. The Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch (US $4; AED/SAR 15) is a favorite amongst celebrities—Jessica Alba and Lady Gaga both posted selfies with the collagen-infused lip mask—for its ability to instantly plump and hydrate lips. The adorable packaging is just a bonus. The blueberry scented product is designed to be left on lips for 20-30 minutes.

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