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McQueen’s Hair Jewelry is the Prettiest Way to Dress Up Your Tresses

hair-jewelry-at-alexander-mcqueen-fall-2016-rtwI’m sure that many of us have looked at the delicate diamond trinkets wrapped around our wrists and glimmering from our earlobes and thought, “Would these look equally as alluring woven into my meticulous coiffure?” Although I have an arsenal of bobby pins in every variation of hair colors that I once embraced, the extent of sparkle on my head came and went following my first year of university, when hair tinsels reigned supreme on the beauty sphere for a short period of time.

Fast forward to Sunday, where Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2016 RTW collection was rife with glistening bejeweled brooches, buckles, and pearls repurposed as eye-catching hair ornaments tucked into runway models’ messy chignons.

The elegant take on plastic bobby pins and butterfly clips added a subtle touch of luxury to the look and had me reaching for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and anything else that I could stick into my hair. But how do you keep a bracelet-turned-headband from unfastening at the slightest turn of your head? The trick is to use your hair jewelry as mere adornments as they are not built to hold tresses in place.

Try weaving a coveted necklace into your braid, pinning a bracelet across your crown as a headband, or letting an earring or multi-strand chain dangle from the back of your updo.

Though the look isn’t for everyday (you might feel silly at the grocery store with diamond earrings nestled into your strands), if you’re red carpet bound or have a special soirée to attend, hair jewelry is a romantic, statement addition to complement your gown. And the next time you’re in possession of a once beloved gem with a broken clasp or chain—repurpose the coveted jewelry into an eye-catching hair ornament instead of shoving it into the drawer of your coiffeuse to collect dust.

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