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Campaign That Challenges Restylane Results is Launched in Dubai


This month, dermatology company Galderma launched the Restylane “Proof in Real Life” campaign in Dubai to challenge the misconception that aesthetic treatments lead to extreme results.

Restylane is a cosmetic filler used in both men and women to reduce lines, folds, and wrinkles, as well as create fuller lips, while enhancing contours and facial volume. Restylane products use a compound found in the body called hyaluronic acid that retains moisture to slow down the signs of aging. Galderma incorporated this ingredient into its products to boost elasticity and improve the skin’s structure in the most subtle and natural way possible.

The debut “Proof in Real Life” campaign event was held in Berlin in May and was hosted by American actress and producer Sharon Stone, the first global celebrity to front a pro-aesthetic treatment campaign. “So many people are put off aesthetic treatments because of extreme images,” said Stone. “The Proof in Real Life campaign has provided results that people have been able to see first-hand, giving them an opportunity to judge for themselves.”

For the campaign launch in Dubai, identical twins—Kelly, who received a course of Restylane Skinboosters and fillers, and Stacy Franklin, who didn’t undergo any aesthetic treatment—shared their experiences with Restylane and showcased its natural-looking results. Despite initial skepticism from the twins, Stacy, 38, admitted, “The natural look that has been achieved is amazing. It’s changed my opinion on aesthetic treatments completely.”

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