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These Flower-Infused French Products May Be a Secret to Smooth Skin


Considering February’s whipping winds, at the moment, moisturizing might be the most important step to your skincare regime. To help amp up your skin-softening ritual and soothe your dry dermis, French beauty brand L’Occitane has introduced a new range of products to its Néroli and Orchidée collection that may very well be a secret to smooth skin.

Infused with precious white flowers, the latest additions to the floral-scented collection include a fragrant shower gel and body oil that I noticed left behind a delicate air of neroli essence while the scent of white orchids lingered on my skin long after I left my bathroom boudoir. The collection also features a luxury body milk that soaks into the skin seamlessly to reveal silky limbs with just the right amount of aroma. Topping off my moisturizing morning, I tried a slick of the rose-tinted lipgloss and was left with a soft, plump pout. I’d also advise using it over matte, long-wear lipstick to provide shine and keep parched lips at bay.

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