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Face Glitter is Chic Again, According to the Runways

1-face-glitter-saint-laurent-marc-jacobs-burberryAfter Saint Laurent opened New York fashion Week (in L.A.), and sent out models sporting smatterings of gold, red, green, and blue glitter smeared over their eyelids—dazzling, Bowie-esque face glitter seemed to pick up major speed on the runways across the international fashion cities.

Backstage at Marc Jacobs, hairstylist Guido Palau partnered with a team of makeup artists to dream up glittery, finger waves sported by the shorthaired models. To create the look, a perfect wave was hand-drawn along the hairline, which came to a point at the nape of the neck. The entire sketch was then filled with ink-black eyeshadow. To complete the look, twinkling, black glitter was dusted over the entire head. According to Palau, the glitter, was Jacobs’ idea.

Across the pond, models at Burberry walked down the runway with large flecks of glitter smattered along the outer-corner of their peepers and cheekbones. Swooshes of sparkling yellow and blue pigments sat on an otherwise bare face, and were all that was necessary to get the models runway-ready, offering a high-impact approach to the barely-there makeup trend that continues to rein supreme this fashion month.


Off the runway, too, the trend is continuing to gain momentum with “glitter roots”— where glitter is dusted liberally along the hair part. Indeed, sparkly specks of gold and silver pigments add a magical touch to our beauty wardrobe, and can be applied in a variety of ways. Press silver or gold flecks into a cream eyeshadow for a subtle shimmer effect or embellish your cat eye with large specks of royal blue, supercharged green, or fuchsia adhered to the lower lash-line the next time you’re feeling starry-eyed.

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