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Is the Vitamin Drip in Dubai a Fad or Worth the Hype?


After packing in long working days and hectic schedules, we seek stealthy solutions and quick fixes for a myriad of wellness needs. Hailing from London, the Elixir Clinic’s trademarked VitaDrip is a cocktail blend of essential vitamins and nutrients that is intravenously administered by a healthcare professional to tackle a number of health issues from hair loss to depression. Unlike oral vitamin supplements—which can take several hours to reach your bloodstream—the effects of the VitaDrip are instantaneous—making it a favorite among celebrities including Huda and Mona Kattan, and Diala Makki to name a few. The intravenous infusions can also be used to treat the common cold, jet-lag, and a dull, sallow complexion. Read on for my review of the vitamin drip in Dubai.

The Treatment
Eager to try the treatment, I decided to visit the Elixir Clinic at the Dubai Marina CosmeSurge & Emirates Hospital in JBR—one of the three locations in the UAE that offers the unique infusions.

Before anything was injected into my bloodstream, I had a mini consultation with a young doctor named Dr. Razan Zahrawi who made a comprehensive checklist of all my symptoms. After crossing off relentless fatigue, irritability, and loss of appetite, Dr. Zahrawi recommended I try the Adrenal Fatigue VitaDrip—a bespoke blend of amino acids and nutrients that aims to boost energy levels, relax muscles, moderate irregular sleeping patterns, and prevent mood swings.

The Verdict
Overall, it took 45 minutes for the potent vitamin drip to work its way into my veins. The process was not painful or uncomfortable, although I did feel a slight tingling sensation in my arm and I could taste the bitter solution in the back of my mouth (both of which the nurse assured me was totally normal). Once the treatment was complete, I instantly felt calmer and more relaxed—although it’s possible that this was just a placebo effect. However, I slept better than I had in a long time that night.

The Elixir Clinic VitaDrip is available at the Marina and Jumeirah CosmeSurge & Emirates Hospital locations in Dubai, as well as the CosmeSurge & Emirates Clinic for Day Surgery in Abu Dhabi. Prices range from 1200 to 2100 AED per session.

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