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A Backstage Beauty Minute With Edie Campbell (and Her New Black Hair)


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Back to black,” said Guido Palau of the multiple raven-colored dye jobs on the runway this season—many of which were his idea. Whether a model is looking to break onto the scene in a big way (Isabella Emmack) or stage a comeback after having a baby (Ashleigh Good), black is a surefire way to get noticed. And if anyone knows about stealing the spotlight with a new haircut and color, it’s Edie Campbell, whose career skyrocketed when she chopped off her long, honey-hued locks in favor of a Joan Jett-inspired shag (also by Palau). Walking exclusively for Boss in New York, Campbell arrived backstage with a fresh set of fringe and sable-colored strands after a relatively long stretch as a bleach blond. The change, however, will be short-lived, as the catwalker said she’s returning to a flaxen shade come Saturday for the next round of European shows. When asked why the goth shade is trending for Fall 2015, Palau replied, “I don’t know what it is. Last season I was saying to you that I quite liked natural kinds of shades—I’m so confused myself!” One thing is for certain, however: To pull it off, a model has to want it…and have the cajones to wear it well. “If it’s on a meek girl that doesn’t believe in it, she’s not going to carry it off for you,” the mane master explained. Campbell obviously isn’t lacking any confidence. “When I cut her bangs short, she was like, ‘Oh, what the hell is that?’ And I said, ‘Oh, it’ll be fine!’ And she said, ‘Oh, yeah, it is.’ She understands the kind of character you’re trying to create on her.” The pro’s one word of advice if you plan to make any radical change: See a stylist you already know. “It’s about your personality and bringing out something your hairdresser knows is there but you’re hiding,” he said. Here, the British super talks about her brief transition to the dark side:

I noticed that you’re back to black. Was that Guido’s idea?

Guido will claim credit for most things! Was it Guido’s? You know what, the conversations have been so long and sort of convoluted, who knows whose idea it really was! But I’m always up for a change and willing to be Guido’s guinea pig.

When did you dye it?


Was it Victoria Hunter at Whittemore House who helped you make the transition?

Exactly, his girl—my girl. I owe her a lot! And she’s responsible for bringing it back. I go back to blond on Saturday, so she gets that burden.

Why are you switching back to blond so soon?

Various contracts and various exciting things.

Why do you think Jason Wu wanted you to have black hair for today’s show?

I think it’s kind of stronger than blond hair. You know, it gives the whole look a bit more power, which is quite nice—particularly for a show. Everyone’s seen so many shows and they’ve become quite jaded and quite visually saturated and kind of exhausted. It’s quite nice when there’s a very direct message, I guess.

How do you feel about the fringe?

OK. I feel like it makes me look like Friar Tuck from Robin Hood—especially when I was blond. It also makes me look a bit stupid sometimes, which is great! And it’s really bad when it’s sticking in all directions.

Which shade do you prefer: blond or black?

You know what? I have zero opinion because everyone else has got enough opinions about what I look like! I’m not going to throw any of my own into the mix.

Does your personality match one color better than the other?

Um, who says I’ve got any personality whatsoever?! [laughs]

Guido told me that you have the personality to pull off black hair. Would you agree?

I think it does, yeah. I don’t know why. It’s not very English to talk about yourself in that way. Yeah, you’ll have to get other people’s opinions on that!

How do you keep your hair in runway-worthy shape with the constant hair color changes?

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is the only thing. It’s like a little pot of lard that you can put on your head, and then you put a shower cap over it and really cook the fat into it. That is the best thing I’ve found.


—Amber Kallor,

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