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Is the Age of Foundation Really Over? We Uncover the Best New Natural Makeup


It can take several attempts to find your favorite makeup. Getting the color and consistency right is as important as finding the right formula for your skin type. There is a new breakthrough breed of makeup that is beginning to emerge, which just may change your life. Enter the skin tint.

A serum and a foundation in one, this skincare and makeup hybrid is far lighter in texture than foundations, tinted moisturizers, and BB creams. Identifiable by its clinical-looking pipette, this is the one new piece of makeup that I urge every woman to try.

The first specimen of its kind to land on my beauty desk was the Diorskin Nude Air Sérum de Teint SPF 20 (US $53; AED/SAR 195).

Why is this serum the new beauty “It” product?

First of all, it will even out your skin tone without making your pores feel suffocated. A new pioneer in natural makeup, it peps up tired skin with a special blend of cranberry oil and Oxygen Activ Technology.

The second part is that it’s economical; just a couple of drops go a very long way and with the pipette dispenser, you can apply exactly the right amount of product.

Once buffed into the skin using a foundation brush or smoothed on with your fingertips, the product dries down to a weightless and velvety finish. The result is airbrushed skin, so no need for Facetune or Photoshop for your selfies. The formula, which is available in eight shades, is so sheer that it never looks cakey or sits in your character lines (aka wrinkles). I have even tried reapplying before dinner and this is where it really has the edge; you can layer this natural makeup as much as you like and as long as you blend it, the result is nothing short of brilliant.

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