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Fingertips on the Pulse with Dior

s1184928-main-LheroA truly well-groomed woman will always have expertly manicured, chip-free fingertips. Out of all the beauty rituals a woman endures, this is the one particular detail that our male counterparts will always notice. The efficacy and longevity of a manicure is dependent on the state of the strength and health of the nail and the surrounding skin.

I must admit that I’m partial to shorter length fingertips albeit on a long nail bed, preferably in a dark glossy hue. But whether you sport the square, oval, or French-tipped fingertip, treat it to a daily, minute-long massage courtesy of the cult classic Dior Abricot Nail Crème.

This fortifying nail balm has been working wonders to nourish nail beds since 1963, and conditions the cuticle and encourages the growth of healthy and strong nails. After a month of applying this daily beauty treat, you will save yourself countless additional trips to the manicurist—how satisfying.

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