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Chopard: Oud Malaki, The Royal Touch

Oud-Malaki-Pack-Shot“I want to create a cologne that smells like a whisper. It’ll be for all the secret admirers out there.” –Jarod Kintz

Over the holiday season, it’s always difficult to find a unique gift for the special male in your life. More often than not, perfume is the present of choice. This year, Oud Malaki by Chopard, could very well end up being a favorite. Created by French master perfumer Dominique Ropion, the fragrance, which means “Royal Oud” in English, combines the Arabian East in the form of its definitive ingredients, and the West, with a sleek bottle design.

Here, Dominique Ropion talks to Arabia about his inspiration and how the perfume came to be.

What were your sources of inspiration when creating this perfume?

The idea was to create around beautiful qualities of materials and a mastered and precise construction. It could be compared to the extreme quality and the attention to detail brought into Chopard’s products.

What are your favorite notes?

I like the iconic flowers of perfumery: jasmine, rose, violet, and orange flower. Also, animal notes for their sensuality and woods, such as sandalwood, which is very voluptuous.

How did your passion for fragrance begin?

As a child, I could smell everything. I already saw the world through its odors. During a training course in the chromatography department at Roure in France, I was asked by the President of the company to join its school of perfumery. I was seduced by the patience and learning required for this profession.

In your own words, how would you describe this fragrance?

Oud Malaki is an Oriental fragrance with a woody, sensual, and audacious signature. It blends traditional masculine codes of perfumery with a daring sensuality.

How did you refine the Oud in this fragrance?

By reinforcing its different facets with other ingredients: the woody facet with deep notes of patchouli, the sensual character with the tobacco accord, and leathery and spicy undertones.

How is Oud Malaki different from other fragrances?

Its signature is a mix between East and West. An addictive smooth side and a textured, musky, woody facet, softens the animal character of Oud and it is contrasted by the aromatic structure built around lavender. It offers a more refined, structured, and complex sensuality from traditional Oud fragrances.

Where does Oud come from? Are there different types of Oud?

Oud is the product of a species of Aquilaria tree, growing in Southeast Asia and India. When a certain virus or fungi infect the Aquilaria trees, they produce the precious resin known as “Oud”. There are different qualities of Oud: the one coming from Aquilaria crassna is used in fine perfumery and the one obtained from Aquilaria sinensis is used for burning in censers.

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