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Looking for the Best Makeup Remover?

Removing your makeup before going to bed is one of the key beauty rules that every girl should follow religiously. Leaving cosmetics on your face overnight not only clogs the pores and results in acne, but it also collects free radicals found in the environment that lead to the breakdown of collagen, thereby contributing to fine lines and wrinkles.

Additionally, makeup can interfere with our nightly healing renewal process, and leave our complexion dull and tired. Oil-based foundations and primers are the worst culprits as they clog pores the most.

For the nights that you dive into bed without removing your makeup, wash your face first thing in the morning to get rid of any residue. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty makeup remover, click through the slide show of 10 cleansers, wipes, and foams that will take off even the most stubborn makeup and leave your skin feeling soft and clean.

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