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Exotic Eyes and Haute Coifs at Chanel Resort 2015


With pink tresses and buckets of attitude in tow, model Charlotte Free was the head-turning first face to open the Chanel Resort 2015 show. Wild and wonderful hairdos were in the cards courtesy of hairstylist Sam McKnight, who coiffed models’ hair either into a tousled mass of curls, or into straighter lengths complete with backcombed bouffants.

There was a feeling of originality that came with the abundance of hair accessories that graced the models’ tresses. A mixture of fine diamonds and costume jewelry adorned the amped-up models’ locks, while crescent moons and Chanel-branded brooches were sprinkled alongside a plethora of tiaras and Chanel chains, thrown in for good measure.

chanel-brunetteThe makeup paid homage to the smoky eye—a tribute to the Middle East’s long-standing love of the kohl crayon. Makeup artist Grigoris Pyrpylis (under the creative direction of Tom Pecheux) painted an inky, winged eye that had two feline flicks at the outermost edge. Carving deep into the eye socket with kohl, the line was extended outwards in line with the end of the eyebrows. Pyrpylis swept the kohl line right along the lower lashes for the second flick, designed to mimic the first, creating two powerful parallel lines that were visible when the models turned to showcase their profiles.

The exotic kohl was softened with a deep gray, anthracite eyeshadow, paving way to the pièce de resistance: a smattering of gold leaf positioned at the innermost corners of the eye, the liquid gold glinting as the models made their way down the runway. The set of creamy complexions were given an added polish with a tawny-bronze, sculpted cheek, providing a hint of a dusky tan topped off with a slick of highlighter across the top edge of the cheek. A rose-tinted gloss gave the pouts their patent sheen and offered a crisp relief to the intensity of the kohl.

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