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Put a Ribbon On It

Hair elastics cause wear and tear on your precious ponytail, especially when worn in a scraped back manner. But here’s an alternative to consider: ponytails tied with pretty ribbons, like the ones you used to wear back in grade school. We saw this style on the Nina Ricci Spring 2014 runway, where miniature black ribbons were paired with delicate lace and floaty florals.

To get the look, pull your hair back to the nape of your neck and fasten with a ribbon, and leave flyaways free to dance in the wind. Forget about applying any additional product, though; the undone nature of this look keeps it looking current rather than retro. When choosing your adorning ribbon, opt for something thin and with a little traction in texture—satin ribbons will slide off glossy lengths with just one gust of a sea breeze.

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