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Meet the Foundation Stick


Meet the beauty world’s equivalent of the jumbo crayon. The foundation stick has a larger surface area than your conventional concealer and is the perfect beauty tool for days when you need to look alert in less than two minutes.

Star Products:

1. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick (24 shades available)

2. Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick (9 shades available)

3. Shiseido Stick Foundation (10 shades available)

How to Apply?

After your morning cleansing routine, start to perfect your canvas with one of these precision tools—fair warning, you may become addicted. This product is designed to eradicate your dark circles, even out the skin tone, and cover imperfections in one sweep and all you have to do is blend, blend, and blend.

Focus on painting around the eyes first and don’t forget the innermost corners and the eye socket itself. Then take the product down underneath the eye and sweep along the eye socket groove where your dark circles are most prominent. Finally, take the formula down the bridge of the nose and over the chin.

The result is flawless full coverage that stays put. Use on days when you need fast makeup and don’t have time for layering techniques. If you are a fan of contouring face tricks, this tool will help you fast-track your way to a sculpted face.

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