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My Quest for Clear Skin: Overcoming Breakouts and Acne Scars

I didn’t always have problem skin. While all my friends complained about breakouts and blemishes during high school, I seemed to have hit the genetic jackpot. It wasn’t until my second year of university that my skin decided to take a major turn for the worse. I don’t mean a few pimples here and there that would dry out the next day with a dollop of toothpaste—I’m talking about red, cystic breakouts that wreaked havoc on both my cheeks and on my forehead, leaving behind acne scars. I thought perhaps my skin was seeking vengeance for all those times I fell asleep with my makeup on because I had convinced myself that I was exempt from having bad skin.

I’m not sure what it was exactly that caused my skin to congest, but I have several theories: hormones, stress, drug store makeup, and pure negligence, to name a few. It felt like no amount of creams and lotions recommended by dermatologists could help me evade acne.

During my plight, I managed to learn a few survival tricks—I discontinued the use of foaming cleansers, never slept with my makeup on, and avoided oil-based products like the plague. Although my skin hasn’t completely cleared up, my breakouts have significantly reduced.


Today, I’m left with stubborn dark spots and acne scars that refuse to fade. I occasionally get breakouts—small, scattered pimples on various areas of my face. My pores (especially on my cheeks) are enlarged and often get filled with dozens of blackheads.

My daily skincare routine consists of cleansing my face twice with the Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Tri-Phase Makeup Remover (US $60; AED/SAR 220), followed by the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum (US $78; AED/SAR 286), and the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm Moisturizer (US $46; AED/SAR 169). I use the Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask (US $58; AED/SAR 213) once a week. I make sure to get a facial at least once every three months to extract and clean impurities that a washcloth might have missed.

I’m on the quest for the ideal treatment and the perfect product that will banish my breakouts for good and hopefully erase my acne scars and dark spots. Although we have yet to determine whether this miracle product or treatment exists, there are a few facial treatments, such as the Medical Facial Peel , that work effectively to treat oily and acne prone skin. Those who want to tackle bacteria that’s found deeper in the dermis can opt for the Bioplasma Facial, a treatment that uses radio frequency technology to travel deep into your pores and zap bacteria.

Follow my journey on towards clearer skin and check back for updates and reviews.

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