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Beauty Sound Bites: Girls With Curls

bottega-veneta“For goodness sakes, beware of curls…It is a great art to do them so that the girls not only look modern—but do not suddenly look very vulgar.”

—Diana Vreeland, an excerpt from Memos: The Vogue Years

On February 10, 1967, the legendary editor in chief noted the significance of spirals—and the importance of doing them right. She is undoubtedly correct in that curls can go very wrong, very fast. They can look reminiscent of prom (i.e., crunchy, cascading ribbons), or soft and considered, such as the face-framing clouds of hair created by Guido Palau at Bottega Veneta for Fall 2013 (shown here). I like to think that Vreeland would have signed off on this style.

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