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Balqees Fathi Gives us a 10-Second French Lesson

balqeesfathi / Instagram

balqeesfathi / Instagram

Yemeni superstar singer Balqees Fathi gave us a new phrase to add to our burgeoning beauty vocabulary. In a cheeky video posted to her Instagram account, 27-year-old Fathi jokingly asked her hairdresser Rudy Martin to translate the French words mise en plis—meaning to set ones hair—to Arabic. Those who are unfamiliar with the phrase should know that it is a French girl staple to achieving elusive laissez-faire beauty. When you request a mise en plis from your hairdresser, you can expect a bouncy, larger-than-life coiffure achieved via a heap of rollers. Unlike the American blowout, this Parisian technique renders the hairdryer superfluous.

Watch the full video below, and start brushing up on your French, vite!

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