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Made In The Middle East: Green Bar Skincare


Summer holidays near the sea may come with an unfortunate onslaught of mosquito bites. If, like me, you have doused yourself in insect repellent in an attempt to fight off mosquitoes, you will have noticed both the awful scent of the chemical-laden formulas and that the strength of these potions can literally strip off your nail polish. Tempted to keep using them on your delicate, sun-soaked skin? I thought not.

Bahrain-based Green BarBahrain-beauty-brand-greenbar-2 is a 100% natural brand founded by the impossibly glossy Reem Al Khalifa. The pick of the bunch for happy holiday-goers is the Green Bar Black Vanilla Anti Mosquito Moisturizing Lips And Body Balm. Packed with vanilla (mosquitos hate vanilla), this balm glides onto your limbs and can even help soothe minor irritations like razor burn. Whereas traditional insect repellents leave your skin dry and taught, this bathes your skin with a gleam that also enhances your tan. It’s a great, intensive moisturizer for dry heels, chapped lips, and cracked elbows, so it has a multitasking appeal. And, let’s face it: heading out for dinner in a heady haze of vanilla is far more becoming than the alternative.

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