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This Miss Lebanon Runner-Up Believes in Winning by Having an Opinion

Each year, the Miss Lebanon pageant creates a set of beauty starlets. While the audience delights in viewing the sparkling couture gowns, a swimwear walk-off, dance routines, and interviews, the panel of judges critiques every contestant’s move.

During last year’s pageant, beauty contestant Rouba Mounzer held her own and went on to win the Miss Lebanon 2014 2nd runner-up title. With her dark hair, doe eyes, and body akin to that of a Barbie doll, Mounzer is a striking beauty. We talked with the rising starlet about her beauty favorites, healthy lifestyle, and dream of one day becoming a journalist.

ELIZABETH WHISTON-DEW: What drove you to enter the Miss Lebanon 2014 beauty pageant?

ROUBA MOUNZER: I consider this pageant to be a good social experiment. I wanted to redefine what is considered womanly and use this pageant as a springboard to show that beauty and culture go hand in hand.

What did you learn from your experience?

The confidence I gained from the pageant will help me when I face challenges in my daily life. I feel that now I have the self-esteem to do whatever I wish.

What sort of beauty preparation does it take to be involved in such a pageant?

Winning is about so much more than how you look on stage, so I worked hard on developing my opinions about my own beliefs and current events and thought hard about what I deem important in the world around me. I actually didn’t need to do much physically because I always take care of myself. I tried minimizing stress to avoid breakouts and continued to work out on a daily basis, but just a little bit harder. On the whole, I ate healthier, but the most important part was preparing myself emotionally for this challenge.

What’s your routine for keeping your hair glossy?

Fortunately, I’m blessed with good hair. I take care of my hair at home by using cool water during a wash. The most important thing is to eat healthy and I make sure that I cut my hair once every 10 weeks to avoid split ends.

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