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Interview: Cécile Cassel, Beauty Muse


Born into a theatrical family, Cécile Cassel was destined to have a career in the spotlight. Her grand-mother, Louise-Marguerite Fabrègue, was an opera singer; her late father, Jean-Pierre Cassel, an actor, along with her half-brother, Vincent Cassel. Considered a belle of the French screen, Cécile began a career in cinema in 2002 with a string of French films, as well as a small role in season six of Sex and the City. A former dancer, she is also passionate about music and has embarked on a solo singing career, releasing tracks under the pseudonym HollySiz. This year has been a triumphant one for the beauty, as she launched her debut album, My Name Is, and became the face of the Secret de Rochas scent from the fashion house, Rochas. As the fragrance launches in the Middle East, we quizzed the starlet about all things beauty.

What is your favorite scent?

The familiarity of baked bread in the morning reminds me of family. When I smell it, I instantly feel comforted as if I were at home.

What do you think about the power of fragrances and their ability to trigger memories?

Perfume has a unique and important quality that connects the wearer with the past. I remember that both my mother and my Grandmother wore the same scent. There was always a bottle of Eau de Rochas amongst the beautiful potions on their dressing tables.

rochas-cecile-cassel-perfume-300x200How does it feel to be the face of Secrets de Rochas?

I am ecstatic. I feel I have a history with the house of Rochas, and the new perfume suits me very well.  It took the perfumer, Jean-Michel Duriez, ten years to create it and there’s a secret ingredient that he still refuses to confide in me. I’m so fascinated by the artistry behind perfumery.

What is your best piece of beauty advice?

If you eat and sleep well, you are giving your body the best foundations. Ultimately, I think that being natural, confident, and embracing your imperfections is the best beauty advice a lady can have.

What is your skincare routine?

I am really into organic beauty products—my go-to brands are Melvita and Ren. One product that is never far from my side is the Rose Cream by Doux Me, a brand found at all good French pharmacies. It’s a multipurpose cream I use on my lips, hands, elbows—basically everywhere.

On the importance of strong eyebrows.

I have never plucked my eyebrows. My mother is Italian and told me to never touch them.

rochas-cecile-cassel-lipstick-650x400On her love of lipstick.

My current music project should be called Red Lips, as I sport the look the entire time. I have always been a fan of real red, matte lipsticks. If I wear red lipstick, I won’t put anything on my eyes. I mix my own shade and my go-to brands are Nars and Giorgio Armani.

Her hair guru.

John Nollet has always been in charge of my tresses. I’ve known him since I was 11-years-old and he is considered part of my family. I give him total creative freedom with my hair. From pretty, retro up-dos, to intricate braids and undone loose waves, he’s the master.

Her skin savior.

I trust Joelle Ciocco. She is without doubt the best dermatologist in Paris. She knows all the tricks to achieving flawless skin.

Who are your music heroines?

I love rock music and have always looked up to Blondie and Beth Ditto—I like the real rock chicks.

If you could be any modern day beauty, who would it be?

Two minutes ago I was looking at pictures of Laetitia Casta. To me, she embodies everything a woman ought to be. She is beautiful, mysterious, curvaceous, and strong—she’s everything.

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