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Celebrity (Re)Style: Balqees Fathi

At, we’ve noted that some of our most famous representatives—the mainstream Arab celebrities—are more often than not far from inspirational when it comes to their fashion choices. Here, we focus on our brightest stars and offer ways to elevate them to the higher style echelons.

The daughter of Yemeni singer and composer Ahmed Fathi, Balqees Fathi, just released her latest music video Mabrouk which skyrocketed to over a million views in four days. Born and raised in the UAE, Balqees usually takes to the stage in streamlined dresses. However, on a recent occasion, the singer fell victim to the princess look, which a lot of our Arab singers tend to adopt for concert performances.

DON’T: While performing at a concert in Doha, Balqees wore a brocade ballgown that would have been more fitting for a prom. Not only does this dress give the singer an outdated look, but it also makes it seem like she is trying too hard to look like a princess.

DO: During a performance in London, the singer made the right choice by choosing a black and white striped, full skirt gown with statement sleeves. The flattering silhouette conveyed elegance while the bold print gave the singer a modern, edgy look, and showcased that she’s not afraid to take risks.

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