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Michael Cinco

Michael Cinco arrived in Dubai 15 years ago after studying fashion design at TSlim’s Fashion and Art’s School in Manila and at Central Saint Martins in London. Cinco is part of Dubai’s Filipino pack along with Ezra and Furne One of Amato. All are now based full-time in the Emirates, and bank on mystical drama as their signature.  But what differentiates Cinco—who has recently dressed Sofia Vergara for the Golden Globes and Jennifer Lopez on Dancing with the Stars—is the lightness of his garments.

The couturier, with the help of approximately 100 staff members, produces out of Dubai for an Arab clientele who “love bling and opulence”.  And he delivered just that, beginning with a streamlined silhouette that he slowly built up to the show stopping collection he showcased at Fashion Forward’s inaugural season.Cinco’s collection, entitled “Impalpable”, was inspired by the richness of the Russian culture, and specifically, the Tsarinas; the monochromatic collection translated the grandeur and decadence of the Russian Empire. The first “act” featured off-white, head-to-toe embroidered silhouettes. Delicate dresses glided down the runway in a fitting introduction to Cinco’s best collection to date. Extremely intricate, the white collection presented both a restraint and a richness, with beautiful pearl beading, lace, and weaving reminding of Valentino’s rich delicacy.

Cue to the black “act”. The revolution was upon us and the Tsars have been chased, the Romanovs are in hiding, and to represent this downfall, Cinco stepped away from couture and offered blazer jackets over tulle skirts and tuxedos—unfortunately, not the designer’s strong suit (no pun intended). But as the act played out, the beading came back for more dreamy numbers that may ultimately be seen at royal weddings and on red carpets alike.

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