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How to Fake Fuller Lips

wolfiecindy / Instagram

wolfiecindy / Instagram

We might not all be blessed with bee-stung lips —a trademark of beauties like Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie. But that doesn’t mean you should pout about it. Here are four steps to a more voluptuous mouth from makeup artist Vincent Oquendo:

Amp up your arsenal. Find a rosy lip liner that matches (or is one shade deeper) than your natural lip tone. Oquendo likes the color range available from Bobbi Brown.

Neutralize your palette. Lightly cover lips with concealer to create a seamless base and prevent pigment from bleeding into fine lines.

Be strategic. Instead of over-drawing all the way around your mouth (which can look clownish), focus on enhancing just your Cupid’s bow and the center of your bottom lip to create the illusion of fullness—extending the perimeter by “a pencil’s width” in both places. Complete the shape from corner to corner, using your own lip line as a guide.

Layer on color. Fill in your lips with the pencil, blot, and repeat. Two layers should seal your more voluminous pout in place. Finish by layering on a creamy lipstick with a hint of shine (Oquendo recommends the tubes from Tom Ford). Skip the gloss, which only causes pigment to move and feather.


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