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Create Bouncy Curls With Your Flat Iron in Five Steps

five-steps-to-curly-hair-with-flat-iron-straightenerCurling your hair with a flat iron is a beauty oxymoron that we’re all aware of but few have mastered the technique. A curling iron and a straightener create completely different types of curls; while curling wands create bouncy, neat ringlets, a flat iron provides that purposefully messy, #IWokeUpLikeThis look. Learning to curl your hair with a straightener can be tricky, which is why we’ve broken down the process in five, easy steps. Browse through our favorite straighteners in the gallery below and start curling.


Step 1: Wash

Curls look best on clean, healthy hair. Keeping in mind that straighteners and other hot tools cause a lot of damage to our hair—split ends, hair thinning, and breakage, to name just a few—use a shampoo and conditioner that strengthen your locks while preventing heat damage and hair loss. We recommend the Syoss Anti-Hair Fall Fiber Resist 95 shampoo (US $5; AED/SAR 19) and conditioner (US $5; AED/SAR 19).


Step 2: Dry

Use a blow dryer on your hair once it is 70% dry as this ensures minimal damage to your strands. Never use a hot styling tool on wet hair. Make sure to apply a heat protectant prior to blow-drying. The Alterna Haircare Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray (US $25; AED/SAR 92) provides heat protection up to 428 degrees. Apply a dime-sized drop of the Moroccan Oil Treatment Original  (US $43; AED/SAR 158) throughout the hair, as curls hold on to a bit of oil.


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